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The Mže River over which the 22 km long Hracholusky Dam spreads between Stribro and Pilsen, flows through a romantic rocky valley. Near the reservoir of this dam, there is a three-star campground called TRANSKEMP, which can offer its own ferry transport.

The premises of TRANSKEMP can offer accommodation in cabins, rooms, tents, and recreational trailers.

Food in the camp is provided in a cafeteria, kiosks, restaurants, or a pizzeria.

Aside from extraordinary sunbathing, it offers sports activities such as water skiing, yachting, fishing, and hiking. Many cultural sights and spas can be found in close neighbourhoods.

The operating period of the campsite: 1.3. - 30.11.

Easy access, convenient location, welcoming and friendly atmosphere makes the place ideal for holidaymaking even for the most demanding of visitors.

Looking forward to your visit and wishing you a pleasant stay, Svamberkovi.

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