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Unique gift ideas

Give away the gift in Hracholusky

Gift offers

Surprise your loved ones and give them a perfect experience. For birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or just for a better day. There is a choice of several options for making others or yourself happy.

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Ship voucher

Volné lodní lístky na trase Hracholusky - Butov (zpáteční) lze zakoupit pro 2 osoby, nebo můžete zakoupit také rodinnou jízdenku.


  • 2 persons = 600 CZK

  • 2 persons + 1 child (aged to 10) = 750 CZK

  • 2 persons + 2 children (aged to 10) = 850 CZK

Order the voucher by e-mail at:


Payment by bank transfer. The voucher can be sent by post or in person at the Transkemp reception.

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Accommodation gift voucher

We will be happy to prepare a gift voucher for you to stay at TRANSKEMP, which can be topped up in the amount of 500 CZK, 1,000 CZK or 2,000 CZK.

Order the voucher by e-mail at:


The voucher must be redeemed once and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Permanent passes - tennis and minigolf

Order the voucher by e-mail at:, or they can be purchased at the Kemp Sports register office.


Permanent Parking Pass

The pass can be purchased directly at the Transkemp parking lot.

Price 800 CZK (incl. VAT).

The pass is intended for 1 car on 1 license plate.

Valid period: June - September

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