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  • Can I make a reservation for a camping place?
    Unfortunately, camping places cannot be reserved.
  • How can I get to your campsite by public transport?
    You can get to Transkemp by bus (station in the town Úlice, station Plešnice - Na rozcestí), or by train (town Plešnice). These stops are not located in close proximity to Transkemp. Approximate distance 2-4 km.
  • What time do I have to leave the campsite?
    If you arrive before 12:00, you must leave the campsite by 12:00 on the last day. In case of arrival after 12:00, you must leave the campsite by 14:00 on the last day. ​
  • Can I go to your camp with a dog?
    Yes, you can also go to our camp with your dog. Please contact us if it is a different pet. Note. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in all accommodation facilities. Contact us for more information.
  • Can I request a late check-out?
    Please, if you would like a late check-out, contact our front desk.
  • Is there a Wi-Fi in your campsite?
    Wi-Fi connection is available to all guests staying at the campsite. Workers at the front desk will be pleased to show you, where is the location for Wi-Fi.
  • Can I pay with a credit card at the front desk?
    Unfortunately, you can NOT pay with your credit card here.
  • Are there bedding in the cabins and rooms?
    Yes, there are.
  • Where I can buy boarding ticket?
    Tickets can be bought only while boarding the ship.
  • May I board the boat with a bicycle, stroller or wheelchair?
    Yes, you can board with a bicycle, stroller or wheelchair.
  • Can I book a boarding ticket beforehand?
    It is unfortunately not possible. Tickets can be bought only while boarding the ship.
  • Is there a toilet on board?
    Yes, there is a toilet on board.
  • May I board the ship and get out at any station?
  • May I buy some food or beverages onboard?
    Yes, there is a small kiosk onboard.


We would be pleased to help you!

Please, feel free to contact us:

Telefon: +420 377 914 113

Mobil: +420 728 470 650


You can contact us on our social media or via online form.

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