TRANSKEMP and Cruises in Hracholusky


Welcome to Hracholusky, the dam that dates back to the middle of the 20th century. Welcome to the micro-region, which was named after this famous dam connecting Stříbro with Pilsen. It is 15 km to the west of Pilsen. Finally, welcome to the place of relaxation and recreation. Thanks to its romantic deep valley offering wonderful views of the water area lined with forest, Hracholusky belongs among the most searched recreational areas in the Pilsen Region.


The boat transport begins on 19.5.2018.
During the 2018 season the ship cruises will be limited due to building works on the train bridge crossing over the Hracholusky dam, ship stops Butov and Vranov will be temporarily canceled.
From 15 August a new timetable will be in effect. You can check current time table validity with us on +420 377 914 113.

The boat transport on Hracholusky dam ends on 19 September 2018 due to low water levels.

Operating period of the campsite
March, 1st – December, 31st

Sports to enjoy at Kemp Sports

We have extended the range of sports activities you can enjoy at the TRANSKEMP resort in Hracholusky. News of the year 2017 is beach volleyball court, which is now part of our Kemp Sports! Don’t hesitate, and come to visit our Kemp Sports.

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