Shipping Transport

The cruise ships ensure regular line and trip transport at Hracholusky Dam. The ship “Pilsen” with a capacity of 150 passengers, ploughs the dam waters on a 20 km long shipping channel with 6 stops. The ship leaves from the port at TRANSKEMP at the dam reservoir. Regular transport is ensured according to the following timetable from 1 May to 30 September and with regard to the water level condition we recommend verification of the shipping operation by phone.


In this year's season 2020 the operation of the regular shipping route has ended.

Ship Pilsen timetable

July, August *
Hracholusky9:3015:00 Butov11:3017:00
Radost10:0015:30 Vranov11:3517:05
Nový most10:1515:45 Škoda Butov11:4517:15
Škoda Butov10:4516:15 Nový most12:1517:45
Vranov10:5016:20 Radost12:3018:00
Butov11:0016:30 Hracholusky13:0018:30
May, June **
Hracholusky13:30 Butov15:15
Radost14:00 Vranov15:20
Nový most14:15 Škoda15:30
Škoda14:45 Nový most16:00
Vranov14:50 Radost16:15
Butov15:00 Hracholusky16:45

* In July and August lines no. 1 and 2 are operated on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
** In May, June and September only line no. 3 is operated and only on Saturdays and Sundays.
Cruise trips are operated according to the ordered terms.

Tickets can be bought only while boarding the ship.


Adults Children from 5 to 10 years old
Hracholusky – Radost70,-50,-
Hracholusky – Nový most80,-60,-
Hracholusky – Škoda, Vranov, Butov130,-80,-
Radost – Nový most70,-50,-
Nový most - Škoda, Vranov, Butov80,-60,-
Radost – Škoda, Vranov, Butov90,-70,-
Škoda - Vranov, Butov50,-50,-
Škoda - Vranov, Butov30,-30,-
Bicycles and dogs - one way fare70,-

Prices include VAT.

Prices of trip shipping

Action Duration Price Note
Group trip1 hour CZK 6,000 + VAT (21%) (up to 60 persons, each additional person + CZK 80)
School trip1 hourCZK 3,900 + VAT (21%)(up to 60 children, each additional child + CZK 45)
Seniors – trip1 hour CZK 3,900 + VAT (21%)(up to 60 persons, each additional person + CZK 50)
Wedding on a ship2-3 hour CZK 20,000,- + VAT (21%)(cca. 50 persons)
Banquet2-3 hour CZK 20,000,- + VAT (21%)(cca. 50 persons)

Trips must be ordered in advance on telephone no. +420 377 914 113 or at the address:

TRANSKEMP Hracholusky
Lodní doprava
330 23
Czech republic


Upon agreement a trip with music and refreshment can be organized.

The ship crew looks forward to your visit and wishes you a happy cruise with Lodni doprava Hracholusky.