Giant water slide

You will not get bored with us!

A giant water slide is ready for children and adults and it is located right at the water in TRANSKEMP Hracholusky. Great fun for both big and small, supervised by a lifeguard, always during season from June to August.


To boost the adrenaline level in your blood, TRANSKEMP offers you a kart rental and a safe track both for young and adult drivers.

Finnish sauna

Due to tecnhical conditions currently out of order. We appologize for the inconvenience.

There is a possibility to relax in the Finnish sauna with a cooling pool in the sport area. The sauna is designed for groups of 4-6 people; there are dressing rooms and other necessary equipment.

Pedal boats and boats

You don’t want to be soaked and still want to enjoy water pleasures in peace with touching sunny beams? It is possible for you to rent pedal boats or boats.

Motorboat and paddleboard rental service